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moment sharing app

  • Tap/Send - A Completely New Way to Share

    A Tap is a photo or video of up to ten seconds that’s simultaneously shot and sent in one simple action: tapping the profile picture of a friend or family member found on your grid of contacts.

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  • Your Stacks - For Moments Worth Saving

    After receiving and viewing a new Tap, swipe it away to delete it, or save it to your Stack - a shared album between you and the sender.

  • Groups - Send One, Collective Tap

    Sometimes you want to share a Tap with just one person, but other times it makes sense to send Taps to a small group. Create little circles of family and friends and share group Taps with everyone, all at once.

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About Us

We're on a mission of creating a more personal and unfiltered way to share moments, helping people connect more deeply to those they care about.

Unlike messaging apps, where you need think about what to say, type it out on a keyboard, and then get stuck in the back-and-forth of a conversation, sending a Tap neither demands an immediate response, nor the use of words at all. It’s just one super-simple gesture that lets you stay in close contact with your nearest, dearest.